Morning after

One of my favorite things about living in Northern New Mexico is spring snow. Not spring as in jumping or spring as in water, but as the season.

Last night and early morning we received 10 inches of snow in Taos Ski Valley, according to TSV snow report. In town, it’s always less in amount but not less in beauty. When the town is covered with a white blanket, it’s nothing short of magic!

morningafterEvery morning, I let my dogs out for their fence perimeter rituals. This morning was one of those magical moments. The sun was coming up over the east mountains and the fog/clouds started to clear. The trees were heavy with icy snow and the air, even though it’s spring, was wintry.



bailey.jpgBailey, our new family addition, experienced her first snow and enjoyed every second! This photo is of her trying her first icy mouthful.



dogsThis photo is of my other two crazy dogs, well… being crazy.






A part of me is hopeful that we get another lovely snow storm before spring fully sets in. The other part is sympathetic to my veggies who are bravely hanging on in my greenhouse.


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